The most beautiful travel destinations in Benin

Guide to the most beautiful tourist destinations to discover during your trip to Benin

Tourism in Benin: places to visit

Ouidah, the most historic city in southern Benin

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Benin, a fascinating destination located on the West African coast

Sightseeing in Benin: a country of peace, authentic and inspiring, is simply a moment of great discovery. Are you looking for new horizons for your holidays, have you heard of Benin, but you doubt that it is the best destination? Curious to know why everyone is talking about this mysterious destination? Let's discover Benin through a description of its historical and cultural treasures, the history of the slave trade, from the Auction Square to the door of no return, passing through the sacred forest and the temple of the pythons, discover below the main tourist sites in Ouidah.

Sights in Ouidah

Find the circuit in Benin that makes you dream?

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Tourism in Benin: Why this choice?

Visiting Benin is one of the best tourist experiences you can have. The tourist sites meet the expectations of visitors on all levels: cultural, historical and artistic. With AYIFFA TOURISME, you can treat yourself to the services of a good guide who will tell you the various stories of the slaves and the highlights of the places you visit.
– One of the most welcoming countries in Africa< br>– The temple of the Vodoun religion
– The history of the slave trade
– The atypical hills that cover the Collines department
– The beautiful arid mountains of the Atakora department
– The Pendjari park which offers a magical Safari
– The houses on stilts of Ganvié and the lagoons
– The sacred forests and the wooded savannas
– The black river of Adjarra
– The beaches shaded by Atlantic coconut palms.

The Best Attractions in Benin

Meilleures attractions à Ouidah AYIFFA TOURISME
Meilleures attractions à Ouidah AYIFFA TOURISME
Mémorial Zomachi de la Repentance , mais Jamais de l'oubli ! AYIFFA TOURISME
Zomachi Memorial of Repentance, but Never of Oblivion!
Intended to bring together the descendants of slaves forcibly taken to the Americas during the 17th to 19th centuries and the descendants of slave traders and executioners, including African auxiliaries .
Case Zomai . Symbole des Héritages Douloureux du Bénin AYIFFA TOURISME
Case Zomai. Symbol of the Painful Legacies of Benin
The Case known as Zomai is the place where the prison was located where slaves were locked up before being transported to the Americas by boat. Only those who were able to serve were parked here .
Le temple des Pythons, un sanctuaire vaudou situé à Ouidah AYIFFA TOURISME
The Temple of the Pythons, a voodoo sanctuary located in Ouidah
The Case known as Zomai is the place where the prison was located where slaves were locked up before being transported to the Americas by boat. Only those who were able to serve were parked here .
La Route des Esclaves, un lieu de mémoire unique et exceptionnel! AYIFFA TOURISME
The Slave Route, a unique and exceptional place of memory!
Located in Ouidah, on the Beninese shores of the Gulf of Guinea, this road brings to life the last steps of the 2 million men, women and children who were torn from their country and sold, like the vulgar merchandise, from the kings of Dahomey to the Europeans.
La place des enchères : Sur les Traces des Esclaves AYIFFA TOURISME
The Auction Square: In the Footsteps of Slaves
The auction place is of course the market where the slaves were exchanged for junk (objects of little value). Transactions were made between kings and private European merchants (French, Portuguese, English, Danish, Dutch).
La Porte du Non Retour , En mémoire des Esclaves embarqués de Force pour les Amériques AYIFFA TOURISME
The Door of No Return, In memory of the Embedded Slaves
To discover the Door of No Return is to walk in the footsteps of slaves and live a unique experience, an incredible journey full of emotions. Near this attraction are other tourist places in Benin that you can explore.
Voyage Lac Ahémé et circuits sur mesure AYIFFA TOURISME
Lake Ahémé trip and tailor-made tours
Want peace and nature? Let yourself be charmed by Lake Ahémé, the second largest lake in Benin! In order to admire all its beauty, opt for a canoe crossing! You will observe a fauna and magnificent landscapes between beautiful beaches lined with coconut palms, immense forests and small fishing villages.
La Bouche du Roy, une des merveilles naturelles du Bénin AYIFFA TOURISME
La Bouche du Roy, one of the natural wonders of Benin
This place is part of the Mono Delta Cross-Border Biosphere Reserve. It marks the mouth of the Mono River where fresh and salt water meet and offers fantastic views of islands and mangroves. At sunset, the reflections on the lake are magnificent and it is enchanting with the sound of the ocean in the background, like a roaring beast!!
Ganvié, une cité flottante avec des maisons sur pilotis AYIFFA TOURISME
Ganvié, a floating city with houses on stilts
Let yourself slide on Lake Nakoué and watch the inhabitants known as the Toffinous casting their fishing nets with skill. Once there, discover their habitat and take a tour of the market where goods are traded from boat to boat. ser a moment on this place offers travelers the opportunity to discover the way of life of the city dwellers, their culture as well as their monuments.

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